Environmental Policy


Over the past decade, it has become clear that we must do more to reduce our impact on the environment. In the graphics and visual communications industry, this reality affects every phase of the production chain, from raw materials to manufacturing products, to printing and finishing. At Drytac, we are committed to this effort, striving to produce eco-friendly products and conduct environmentally-friendly practices.

Eco-friendly products to increase your green factor.

As your customers’ awareness about their eco footprint grows, so does your need to keep pace with the newest developments in green printing and finishing technologies. To help you identify eco-friendly Drytac products, w have devised the EarthSmart™ brand and logo. Whether you're browsing our products online or in our print catalog, you can look for the EarthSmart™ logo to help you make greener choices. Some of our new eco-friendly products are listed below. For more information, please call or email us.

EarthSmart™ Premium Bond
FSC Certified heavyweight presentation paper for inkjet printers

A heavyweight, matte-coated bond paper for aqueous inkjet printers. 100% recyclable, it is ideal for poster prints and mounted graphics. Paired with a biodegradable laminate like our Interlam BioMatte™ or Interlam BioGloss™ and a green mount board like Re-board® or Xanita®, you can create a completely recyclable, biodegradable graphic. 

HiTac™ and HiTac™ White
Solvent-free mounting adhesive with reduced energy consumption during production

An economical and all-purpose high tack, pressure sensitive mounting adhesive suited for high volume mounting, particularly to smooth surfaces such as rigid PVC, foam-centered boards, display board, Gatorfoam®, and hardboard. Contains no VOCs and has a sharply reduced energy cost during production compared to other pressure sensitive adhesives. If you're only going to stock one type of adhesive, this is the one to choose.  

InterLam BioMatte™ and InterLam BioGloss™ 
Biodegradable, recyclable bio laminating films

Our new Interlam BioMatte™ and Interlam BioGloss™ laminating films have base films that are derived from wood pulp, a sustainable and biodegradable resource. Pairing these base films with an aqueous adhesive make for attractive finish laminating films that are biodegradable. They also break down easily during the recycling process, allowing for more eco-friendly disposal and recycling options for laminated graphics. Both Interlam BioMatte™ and Interlam BioGloss™ are 3mil (75 micron). 

EarthSmart™ Eclipse
Recyclable, biodegradeable blockout banner material for UV flatbed printers

EarthSmart™ Eclipse is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) blockout banner material for UV flatbed printers. Its high tensile strength and blockout layer make it an ideal choice for durable display and banner stand graphics as well as hanging banners. Since it is made from low-density polyethylene, or what is commonly referred to as No. 4 plastic, EarthSmart™ Eclipse can be recycled in commercial plastics recycling programs to become raw material for products like trash bags and landscape fabric. It is also certified by ASTM standards to biodegrade in landfills.

Green business practices to help reduce our impact.

Over the past decade, Drytac has adopted several practices to help reduce our impact on the environment, including increasing teleconferencing to reduce air travel and implementing recycling and paperless practices in our offices. We've also examined our existing product line. 

Reducing the use of solvents in our products

Since 2007, our primary coating line has committed to using a lower percentage of solvents in all of the products we manufacture. This provides a number of benefits, including safer materials handling, less toxic emissions in production and fewer solvents used to clean our manufacturing equipment. 

The remaining solvents that we use in the production of our solvent acrylics are now oxidized rather than released into the atmosphere, further reducing our overall emissions.

Using eco-friendly packaging and recycling our waste

All of our cardboard packaging is manufactured with 70% recycled board and is 100% recyclable. The plastic inserts (bungs) used in large roll materials are made of recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or No. 2 plastic. These inserts can be recycled and are marked with the recyclable logo.

All paper and cardboard waste from our corporate offices and manufacturing site in Bristol, UK is also recycled. We are also in the process of becoming certified to send our production scrap to a reprocessing facility where it can be made into a recycled fuel product.

A commitment to bringing the latest in eco-friendly products to market

Drytac is always seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact while bringing the latest graphics finishing products to our customers. As print and graphic display consumers become more conscious of their effect on the environment, Drytac will be there to offer green product choices.

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